Teacher – Five Fold Ministry


(Ephesians 4:11

The word teacher is someone who teaches, instructs, and imparts biblical truths to the people. A teacher of God’s Word is given the anointing to teach in order to edify the body and lead it to maturity.

Characteristics of a Teacher

The most common and easy to spot characteristics of a teacher are the following:

  • Teachers have great love and passion for the Word. They love to investigate, search and probe the Word. They yearn to learn the root of biblical truth, and to do this they use dictionaries, commentaries, and any other information gathered on the Word.
  • Teachers passionately desire to see the people grow spiritually, and their main objective is for the people to know and live the Word
  • Teachers, as evangelists, travel continually. Their ministry is continually focused on ministering to the Body of Christ.
  • The anointing of the teacher is for the edification of the people. God enables him/her to teach biblical principles and how to apply them to daily life

There are three fundamental functions that make God’s anointing to stand behind a chosen individual:

  • Being in the right calling
  • Being in the right time
  • Being in the right place

When these three factors come together, God endorses with His anointing, power, grace, authority, miracles, finances, and signs. Consider these aspects, and if you have failed in any respective corrections so God’s blessing can rest upon you now and forever.