Welcome to Fresh Fire’s Charisma Magazine Articles!

Fresh Fire authors and releases two articles per month that are featured in Charisma Magazine. The articles are written by either Sandra Benaglia Smith or Todd Smith and highlight the content of the featured Fire Fresh Podcast. The articles will help you increase your faith through powerful teachings, revelation, testimonies, declarations and prayers! We pray these articles will pierce your heart to usher in an insatiable longing and fresh fire to learn and grow in the things of the kingdom and to build your faith strong!

Why Your Shoes Matter in the Kingdom

Jesus Instructs You to Speak to Your Mountain

Why the Pandemic Could Not Stifle Spirit-Filled Canadian Couple’s Ministry

Prophetic Word: God Is Calling Forth the Lazarus Generation

Step Away From Sickness and Into Your Inheritance of Health and Freedom

Submitting to God’s Plan Allows You to Operate Fully in Your Calling

Blasting Yourself Out of the Valley

How You Can Find Abundance in Jesus Christ Right Now

How You Can Elevate Your Faith to Endure Life’s Fiery Trials

Usher in the Lord’s Glory With These Prayer-Filled Steps

Prophetic Word: The Lord Will Uphold You When You Want to Give Up

Word From the Lord: It’s Time for Believers to Claim Our Authority

Is God Truly in Control?

Why Insurmountable Obstacles Are Nothing for the God Who Fights for You

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