Reflections Of A Conqueror

Reflections of a Conqueror

New Book Release

It is not often that an author chooses to reveal the depths of the insights they have gained in order to help their audience. It is usually presented with a polish, an intellectual bravado, a way of separating themselves from the reader.

In her new book release, Sandra Benaglia Smith shares her testimony with such humility and grace. Sandra’s story, her lasting truth of triumph, glorifies God and also challenges us to grow and mature as well. When you read this collection of reflections and stories, you will be activated to rise into the fullness of who Jesus Christ created you to be. We are able to discover how we have an active role to play in our healing and wholeness while Sandra shares how she has effectively taken all the pieces of her journey and formed a masterpiece with her life. Authentic and full of practical truths, this anointed book is a must-have for all who are serious about going to their next dimension of faith.

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The themes of forgiveness, healing, deliverance, reconciliation and restoration after loss – be it in marriage, livelihood, health scares and even untimely death – make this labor of love very timely. Our world is facing many sudden changes that have left many looking for answers and the Truth that only God can give. You can start over again, you can recover, you can heal, and you can be whole. Sandra guides you along this path of wholeness as a friend and able teacher. The heart of Jesus for mankind is one of an abundant, victorious life. As you read, Sandra’s words and insights throughout this book will guarantee that freedom for you and your loved ones!

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