Apostle – Five Fold Ministry


(Ephesians 4:11)

The word apostle comes from the Greek word apostolos, and it means: one who is chosen, anointed, and sent by God to carry out a specific task. Apostles are sent by God with a specific task, anointing, authority, and purpose in order to bring the flow of the new wine and provoke a radical reform in the spirit, mental, governmental, and economic realm. These men have a warfare mentality and the heart of a father, and they are willing to raise sons and daughters, in the ministry and extend the Kingdom of God by force.

The Gift of the Apostle

The apostolic calling is personal. God speaks it directly into their spirit through different means: the Word, inner witness, prophecy, dreams, a personal visitation by God, or in any other way He chooses. Afterwards, this apostolic calling is confirmed and validated by men with great spiritual maturity or by other apostles with long-standing experience in the ministry who produce abundant fruit and have a good testimony.

The apostle is sent with a specific purpose. For example, Jesus was sent by the Father to establish His Kingdom and pronounce the Good News of Salvation. Likewise, Jesus sent forth His disciples with a specific mission to carry out. God never experiments. He has a defined task for each one of who has been called as an apostle. Every apostle is sent forth with five specific assignments: purpose, mission, vision, place, and authority. This is the only way apostles are able to fully operate in the apostolic anointing knowing they have the full support of God’s power.

  • The main biblical characteristics that identify true apostles are:
  • Their calling which is confirmed by two or more witnesses.
  • Signs, wonders and miracles that follow their ministry.
  • Spiritual covering they provide to other ministries and churches.
  • The success they have when establishing churches.
  • The divine wisdom with which they operate.
  • Their father’s heart

Apostles are teachers, Kingdom builders, who bring visible demonstration of God’s power through miracles, signs, and wonders. Therefore, the ministry of the true apostle bears evident and abundant fruit. Apostles have the God-given grace to persevere where others give-up; to suffer where others are unable to endure; and to be patient when others lose their patience.