Pastor – Five Fold Ministry


(Ephesians 4:11-15)

A pastor is one who feeds, guides, watches over, and cares for the sheep. In order to do this type of job, one needs to be anointed by God.

  • Feeds – The congregation needs to be fed with the good Word of God. Each pastor has been given the ability to teach on Scripture and thus feed the sheep.
  • Guides – The pastor guides the people to carry out God’s will for the congregation. The pastor does this by example and inspiration and not by manipulation or control. One thing every pastor should know is God’s vision for His people; so he/she can wisely direct His people.
  • Watches over – The pastor’s responsibility is to protect the sheep from falling in false doctrine and to recognize and get rid of the wolves dressed in sheep clothing. Pastors must also learn to correct rebellious believers and restore those who have fallen.
  • Cares for – The pastor must take great care of His sheep in the spirit, emotional, and physical areas. The pastor must be like a father to his children.

We can mention other functions that must be carried out by the pastor but their priority before the Lord is to study the Word of God and pray so they can give the flock good nourishment. No one can hold the pastoral office without the anointing to do so. Otherwise, the church will remain stagnant. People who are not anointed to become pastors will not have the strength to carry out this office within the ministry.

The pastor has the heart of a father; loves being with the people, seeks the lost sheep, prays for the people, and makes sure that the people’s needs are met. The pastor should be the husband of one wife, and his marital life should be an example to the congregation as his wife and children submit to his leadership. The pastor is patient with his sheep, loves them as they are and is patient as they undergo the process of change and transformation.