Fresh Fire is so excited and honored to have had the most amazing opportunity for Apostle Sandra Benaglia Smith to share her heart and testimony with Sid Roth and It’s Supernatural!
Apostle Sandra’s  It’s Supernatural show will air during the week of January 22nd, 2024 on the following networks:
🦅Sky Angel
🦅God TV
🦅Impact Network
In Canada🇨🇦:
🦅Daystar Canada
Please visit for a complete listing of the TV stations/networks and the upcoming air dates.
Sandra also did a “Something More” interview with Bob DuVall, and that program will air the same week on the It’s Supernatural website.
Additionally, Sandra had an amazing opportunity to record a Podcast Interview with “It’s Supernatural Radio”, and it will air the same week on as a featured internet radio broadcast. After the initial airing, the podcast will be available to access on the website’s radio internet archives. You can also find a Podcast of the show at
Sandra also recorded a “Healing” DVD teaching that will be made available for purchase when you watch the show!
Words cannot express our excitement, thankfulness and gratitude to our Lord and Savior for this divine opportunity to share this powerful testimony with the world for His glory.
Special thank you to Sid Roth, Jackie DuVall, Sandra’s Producer, and everyone at It’s Supernatural for all their love and support, and tremendous opportunity!
Thank you to everyone who prayed, supported and never gave up on Sandra during the most difficult times of her life. And, thank you to her amazing husband, Todd Smith who stood with Sandra through it all, and another special thank you to Sandra’s  beautiful friend, Apostle Diane Nutt for loving, supporting and believing in her and the call of God on her life.
We that Apostle Sandra’s testimony and teachings blesses, and brings healing and deliverance to many for God’s glory!!
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