Introducing Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries

Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries (formerly Shammah Outreach Ministries) is birthed from an extension of the vision the Lord gave in 2013; with a heightened mandate and mantle to carry out in this next wave of the coming revival. It’s a Kingdom ministry with a humble mandate called to bring healing and deliverance to the nations.

Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries is not a “church ministry”; it is a “Kingdom ministry”. We are a Five-Fold ministry dedicated to the revival of the Prophetic and Apostolic will of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and Holy Ghost power with the unlimited demonstration of signs, wonders and miracles.

The Fresh Fire Church gathers every Sunday morning with services at 10:00 am with the core team and others (virtually and in person) to gather to worship, pray, praise and to release the Word of God and demonstrate the power of God with healings, miracles, signs, wonders and the prophetic flow.

The Apostolic Center is called to embrace partnership between the apostolic and prophetic ministries. The apostolic anointing is a building and governing anointing. This Center carries a mandate for regional revival, equipping, and activation! The Father has positioned us to dig deep wells of revival and refreshing for a region, where a divine outpouring and awakening is led by a team of radical revivalists whose heart’s cry is to see a great awakening. Our agenda of the hour is not just building another ministry, but to release the spiritual destiny of a region and host the presence of God in a way that brings radical transformation to the lives of the people. Radical moves of the Spirit and hosting the presence of God are only part of the call of this Center. It is also a Center that teaches in order to activate, empower, and equip the Body of Christ and every member for the last day’s harvest.

Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries is also involved with community outreach and evangelism, and other assignments in the local community, and flowing in the gifts and in the Spirit of God.

Blessings in Abundance!

Apostles Todd Smith and Apostle Sandra Benaglia Smith and the Team!