We don’t post all the testimonies Fresh Fire receives as we would be having to do a website just for that because God is so good and still in the healing and deliverance business!!  But we do post some.

Testimony of Amputation of a Leg Cancelled in Jesus Name.

This gentlemen came to a Fresh Fire Encounter months back prior to lockdown. He was in a severe accident and his leg was crushed and doctors had no hope. His friends heard about the ministry and brought him. We prayed for him and his friends continued to press in .. in agreement and stand their ground with the prayers for a creative miracle released over his leg. We built up their faith to see beyond the natural and not by sight. The man stood and walked which he had not done since the accident (6 months prior), but then immediately got discouraged again and sat back in the chair. We kept impressing upon him that just because you don’t see it — He is still working. Faith is for the things that are not seen. It does not mean the prayer of faith did not work. It does and it did.  Keep the faith!

We got the report that the miracle took place and God did what we prayed in faith. …in fact amputation was scheduled and surgery date set — and it all got CANCELLED!! All bone has been restored and he is walking on it again!! No more wheelchair!! It’s all God!

Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus that you are still the same yesterday, today and forever more and that creative miracles are still for today!!